What would happen if my work permit expires – Canada

Did you know that if your Canadian work permit expires, you must leave Canada right away? However, some people are unable to do so and remain in Canada anyway. If your work permit has already expired, please contact us. We are experienced immigration lawyers and we can help you. 

Many other workers whose work permits are about to expire are also concerned about what they can do next. Luckily, there are things that you can do if your work permit is about to expire to remain in Canada and continue to work. Otherwise, you will have to leave Canada and apply for a new work permit.

Before your work permit expires

If your work permit is going to expire soon, you need to sort out your options. Do you have another job offer somewhere else? You could apply for a new work permit for your new job.

Have your working conditions changed from what your initial work visa is for? You can apply for a change to your work permit.

Have you been offered a job extension for your current job? You could apply for an extension on your current work visa.

Are you a skilled worker, or a worker who has two years of Canadian work experience within the last three years in a specific occupation and you’re proficient in one of the official languages, you could be eligible to apply for permanent residency under an immigration stream such as the Canadian Experience Class!

Please note that if you overstay your Canadian work permit and do not leave the country when you are supposed to, it can be extremely difficult to exercise any of your options or apply for any visa in the future.

A Canadian work permit does expire, but it also gives you plenty of options if you act quickly. Please contact our immigration law firm using the form on the right of at the phone number on the top of this page. We are waiting to help you.

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