What is a Residency Obligation for a Permanent Resident in Edmonton for 2012?

Canadian permanent residents are people who live in Canada on a permanent basis, but who are not Canadian citizens. They cannot vote in elections like a Canadian citizen can, but they can leave and re-enter Canada as they wish as well as live or work anywhere in Canada. 

When you are a permanent resident in Canada, you have a PR card, which is a type of documentation that proves your status. This PR Card also acts as a travel document that allows you to travel in and out of Canada.

Every five years, your permanent resident card (PR card) expires, and must be renewed. We recommend renewing this permanent resident card at least three months before it expires to avoid a delay or being without a valid permanent resident card.

When you renew your PR card, you will have to prove you meet the residency obligation for permanent resident status in Canada.

Permanent resident residency obligation for Canada

The permanent resident residency obligation in Canada is that you live in Canada for two years (or, 730 days) out of every five years. You cannot be outside of Canada for more than three years out of every five year period, or 1095 days. This residency obligation means that you are physically present inside of Canada and have physical proof and documentation that proves you are living or working in Canada during this time.

If you cannot meet this residency obligation, or you need help with your pr renewal because of this, please let us know! We may be able to make humanitarian and compassionate arguments on your behalf as to why you could not meet the residency obligation. Don’t delay – we can be reached at the phone number above or using the email form on the right of this page.

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