What does a permanent resident have to do to become a Canadian citizen?

Are you a permanent resident of Canada? Did you know that you may be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship? While permanent resident status in Canada is highly sought-after, Canadian citizenship offers many more benefits, including being able to travel on a Canadian passport, being able to leave the country and not having any residency requirements, the ability to vote and access to all of the social benefits other Canadians are entitled to. Applying for Canadian Citizenship

However, obtaining citizenship in Canada is not an easy process. You must meet the requirements that the Canadian government has created for those who want to become citizens of Canada.

Requirements for becoming a Canadian citizen

Anyone who wishes to become a Canadian citizen must first be a permanent resident of Canada whose status is in good standing, and they must be over the age of eighteen.

Language proficiency in one of the official Canadian languages (English or French) is also a requirement. The applicant’s language ability must be considered adequate, and the applicant will likely have to undergo a language test.

Aside from those requirements, the most important requirement may very well be a residency requirement. While Canadian citizens themselves do not have residency requirements, those who want citizenship do have one. They must have lived within Canada (and have proof of their physical presence in Canada) for three of the last four years. Not all of these days need to be spent as permanent residents, though. For example, while every day spent in Canada as a permanent resident can count as one day, any days that the applicant was not a permanent resident may be counted as a half day.

A citizenship test and citizenship oath are the final requirements for obtaining Canadian citizenship. The test may either be a written test, or an oral test with a Canadian citizenship judge.

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