What are US Waivers?

A US waiver is a document that gives the holder of the waiver special advance permission to enter the United States if you would ordinarily not be able to enter the country. There are multiple reasons why a Canadian citizen would not be able to enter the United States, and for a select few of these reasons, there are waivers available. Applying for US waivers of inadmissibility

Someone who would like to enter the United States but cannot because of a reason such as a criminal record, for example, can apply for one of these waivers in advance of their travel to the US. However, it usually takes between six to nine months to fully process and application and receive your waiver – if you are approved. It is wise to discuss your situation with a licensed immigration lawyer to determine if you are indeed inadmissible to the United States, if you qualify for a waiver and for assistance in completing your application package.

<h2>Applying for a US waiver</h2>

The application package for a US waiver includes a number of different application forms and supporting documents that must be in the proper format to be considered as a part of your application. For example, you will have to provide three different character references, as well as a written statement by yourself about your crime and the events leading up to it.

You will also need to provide official documents surrounding your case such as local court records and an RCMP certificate.

In addition to these documents, you’ll need to demonstrate to the United States that you have more than enough waiting for you in Canada to necessitate your return and that you will not overstay your visit in the US. Some examples of these types of documents include proof of your assets, employment information and information about your immediate family if they’re living in Canada.

Please contact us for assistance if you have been or think you will be denied entry to the US. We can help you!

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