Visit Edmonton in 2013 with a Canadian Visitor Visa

Do you want to visit Edmonton, Alberta, Canada? Over 35 million people, which is the equivalent to the entire population of Canada, visit the country every year. Many of these people visit Edmonton because they want to vacation there and see the sights, or they want to visit their family and friends who live in Edmonton.  Visitor Visa for Canada

It’s possible that as a foreign national visiting Canada, that you require a visitor visa to gain admission into the country. There is a long list of countries whose citizens need visitor visas to come to Canada, and there are more people who need visas to enter Canada than people who do not.

How to apply for a visitor visa or temporary resident permit

1. Meet the requirements to enter Canada, such as being in good health, having a valid travel document (or passport), having enough money to support yourself in Canada, not having a criminal record and being able to prove you will leave Canada and return home.

2. Make an application for a temporary resident visa, which is done using immigration form IMM 5257. Do not leave anything blank, and be sure to read and understand the instructions.

3. Follow the document checklist and include the necessary supporting documentation in your application package.

4. Ask a licensed immigration lawyer to review your application package.

5. Pay the fee and submit your application to the proper visa office. Which office you apply to depends on whether you are in Canada at the time or not.

Visitor visas are also called temporary resident permits. Many of these applications are denied every year because they are filled out incorrectly or do not have sufficient information for a visa officer to make a decision. Avoid this by seeking the assistance of a qualified immigration representative such as a licensed immigration lawyer.

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