Getting US Work Visas Has Never Been Easier

While Canadians have always gone south to the States for work opportunities, they are now coming more frequently due to fast track opportunities under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  Workers from other foreign countries are also venturing in droves to the US to make money.

Although there are lots of different choices for work visas, there are challenges that accompany each option.  The applications need to be completed correctly, or you will risk having your immigration bid denied.  In addition, there are documents and other requirements that all involve careful planning and clear understanding.

Niren & Associates is aware of every challenge that you may face, regardless of your immigration needs.  We have helped thousands of foreign workers through successful immigration attempts, as a result of our many years experience in handling every type of immigration case.

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I received my TN1 status! The process was very seamless. There were absolutely no questions at all from their end, which I was very pleased about. I firmly believe that the documentation you put together was the key in me receiving my TN1 today with absolutely no issues. – Monica S.

US Work Visas:  Which One Do You Qualify For?

  • TN  : fast track option for Canadians who can get approved on the spot at the US/Canada Port of Entry.
  • L-1 : for workers and business owners wishing to transfer to their US new office or existing business.
  • H-1B:  specialty occupations
  • H-2B:  non-agricultural workers
  • E-1 and E-2:  traders and investors
  • J-1:  education and cultural exchange

If You Are Looking For US Work, Let Our Edmonton Immigration Attorneys Do the Work

With over 30 years combined experience, Niren & Associates’ attorneys have prepared countless US work visa applications that have been approved.  When you can’t overlook a single detail, you need to let professionals handle your case.  We are focussed on getting you into the States, so you can focus on your work.

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