Learn How to Immigrate Successfully to The United States

USA flag Thanks to provisions in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canadians have better opportunities for applying for work in the United States.  With easier USA visa procedures, Canadians are applying for US work visas and US work permits in record numbers. Nonetheless, immigrating to the US is not altogether easy.  After you determine which category you are best suited for, you’ll need to prepare an application without mistakes, otherwise you could be denied your bid for immigration.

Niren & Associates has over 14 years experience in helping people to come to the US on a temporary or permanent basis.  We’re aware of all the necessary requirements, regardless of your specific immigration case.  With our assistance, your chances to successfully immigrate to the US are greatly increased.

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I recognize that you took the time to hear me out and permitted me to describe a history of the predicament, made sense from it and helped me present a great application. The officer didn’t have any unfavorable feedback in regards to the application and issued the L1A Visa within minutes of waiting for the interview window.”– George M.

Find Out Which US Visa You Need

The type of US Visa application you fill out will depend on whether you want to temporarily stay in the US or whether you are interested in moving permanently.

The two types of US visas are:

  1. Immigrant Visas
  2. Non-immigrant Visas

Next, you’ll have to narrow down which visa you need, and then the following details:

  • Where you can submit an application
  • Which requisites are necessary for approval
  • Which documents are needed for the application

There are many conditions that need to be met when you are preparing your application package, and each aspect needs to be completed correctly, or your application will not be approved.  Our legal team is aware of all the possible challenges you will face, and can offer experienced advice at every step of your process.

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Your Opportunities for US Visas

  • TN Visa : Fast track US work visas for Canadians who can get approved on the spot at the US/Canada port of entry.
  • L-1 Visa : US work visa for workers and business owners in Canada wishing to transfer to their new US office or existing business.
  • E-1 and E-2 Visa : You can get a US work visa by investing or trading in the US.

Canadians also come to the US based on applications for non-immigrant employment and investment under other categories such as:

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Each day, Niren and Associates oversees the approval of applications for temporary and permanent residence in the US.  Our experience and professionalism has helped thousands of people get US visas, allowing for a smoother transition into a new country.

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“ Many thanks for addressing all my last minute calls and all the counsel that you have given me on my application, that finally resulted in my success on the TN visa application by conquering all the hurdles. Your ideas regarding the resume, offer letter and advice on obtaining the company letter from all my previous employer letters have made a significant difference for my application. “ Tennant L.