The L-1 Visa For Employees Being Transferred to the US

Are you aware that there is a United States work visa available specifically for a Canadian employee who is being transferred to a different location of their business in the United States or if you are a Canadian business owner who is gearing up to to expand their business to the US? L-1 Visa for the United States

This visa is the L-1 Visa and foreign employees and business owners of any sized business may apply for this visa, even small businesses.

This visa is designed for employees of a business or company who have important jobs in a foreign company that are being brought to a new or existing branch, subsidiary, office, affiliate or joint venture partner in the United States, but the visa also requires that the original business or company that is outside of the United States is continuing in their business outside of the United States. These are not the only requirements for the L-1 Visa.

Requirements for the L-1 Work Visa for the United States

The further requirements for the L-1 Work Visa include that the person applying for the visa is in a high-level position such as management or an executive, or that they have very “specialized knowledge” required for the company to operate abroad. The business in the United States needs to be related to the foreign business, either as a branch of that company, a new foreign office or a related venture.

The applicant for the L-1 Visa also needs to have worked for the company for at least one year within the last three years, and have worked full-time during this year.

Are you a foreign business owner who wants to expand their business into the US, or an employee of a Canadian or foreign company that is being transferred to a United States Branch or office? We can help you! Contact us today for assistance.

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