Renewing Your Permanent Resident Card Outside of Canada

A Canadian permanent resident card expires every five years, and when this happens (or preferably, a few months before this happens) you must renew it while being physically present within Canada. This is an immigration application process similar to when you applied for your permanent resident card in the first place. How to renew a permanent resident card outside of Canada

But because Canadian permanent residents can travel so freely abroad, sometimes they end up being outside of the country when their permanent resident card expires. This renders them without a valid travel document for re-entry to Canada, but they also can’t renew their permanent resident card from outside of Canada. Instead, they need to find a way to get back into Canada by applying for a travel document.

How to apply for a travel document for permanent residents abroad

Complete immigration form IMM 5524 or Application for a Travel Document (Permanent Resident Abroad). ??2. Find the enclosed Document Checklist (IMM 5627) and use it as a guideline to compile all of the supporting documentation required into one concise application package. Pay attention to the instructions, as different people and situations will require different documents and there are strict requirements as to what formats are acceptable for this application. ??3. Contact a reputable immigration representative, such as a licensed immigration lawyer, so that you can have your application package reviewed by a professional. This will ensure your application package is ready for processing by a visa officer and lessens the chances of a delay.??4. Find your nearest Canadian visa office abroad and submit the application to them. When and if you are approved, you can return to Canada to renew your PR card. ??Let us help you renew your permanent resident card or obtain a travel document. Simply call us at the telephone number above for convenient and professional assistance.

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