Why Was My Canadian PR Card Renewal Denied?

Canadian PR card (also called a permanent residence card for Canada) holders must renew their PR card every five years when it expires. You should always submit your permanent residence card application about three months before your card expires because the processing times for permanent resident cards can be long. 

Normally, the permanent residence card renewal should go pretty smoothly if your application is completed properly and your supporting documentation is all in order. However, there is still la chance your permanent residence card renewal application could be denied.

Why would my permanent residence card renewal be denied?

One of the most common reasons a permanent resident card renewal is denied is because the applicant did not meet the residency obligation.

The residency obligation for permanent resident status in Canada means that you are physically present in Canada so as to maintain your permanent resident status – you can’t just have permanent resident status and not come back to Canada.

The residency obligation for permanent resident status in Canada is that you must be physically present (and be able to prove this) for two years or 730 days out of every five years. In other words, you cannot be out of Canada for longer than three years during each five year period, or 1095 days.

However, they may be some valid reason why you cannot meet the residency obligation for permanent resident status. In this case, you can make humanitarian and compassionate arguments as to why you could not meet it.

Have you recently had a permanent residence card renewal denied, or fear you may have one denied? Did you not meet the residence requirement for the most recent five year period of your permanent resident status? We have handled thousands of permanent residence renewal cases and can help you. Call us using the number at the top of the page, or e-mail us using the form on the right for an assessment of your case.

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