New Skilled Worker Point System For Canadian Permanent Residence in 2013

Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced that they have temporarily closed the Federal Skilled Worker Program in order to clear out a massive application backlog. However, the program is due to re-open soon and the government has proposed a number of different changes.
The way the Federal Skilled Worker Program works is that applicants qualify based on the number of points they earn for having a certain level of education, work experience, language proficiency and more. If they have 67 out of a possible 100 points, they can proceed with their application.

Changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Points

The proposed changes include making language one of the most important components of the point system changes, and there will be an increased number of points for language proficiency in one of the official languages.

In addition, there will be a bigger emphasis on younger immigrants while the points available for Canadian work experience will increase and points available for foreign work experience will decrease. There will also be additional points available for applicants whose spouses have higher language proficiency.

A new stream for skilled trades is also being proposed, including the skilled trades within the Federal Skilled Worker program while keeping them separate as well.

Details are expected to be confirmed by the end of this year as to how the government will proceed with the Federal Skilled Worker Program, but they have announced that there will be some changes as a part of their efforts to streamline the program and attract workers that Canada is looking for.

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