I’ve Lost My PR Card, What Should I Do

PR Cards are an important identification document for permanent residents in Canada. A PR card not only allows you to travel in and out of Canada, it also serves as proof of your permanent resident status in Canada. However, like all important things you carry around in your wallet, PR cards can become lost, stolen or misplaced. Lost PR Card

What to do if you lose your PR Card

1. You must call Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Call centre immediately once you realize you cannot find your PR card. The number is 1-888-242-2100.

2. Make an application for a new PR card. This can be done via mail or at the nearest Citizenship and Immigration Canada office. You may also visit the office in person to report your PR card as lost or stolen in step 1 as opposed to calling.

3. Have your application for a new PR Card reviewed by a licensed immigration lawyer. While you already have permanent resident status, your application can still be denied if you make an error on the form, do not provide valid supporting documents or have not met the residency obligation for permanent resident status in Canada. If you have not met the residency obligation for permanent resident status in Canada, contact us as soon as possible. You still have options and could be able to get a new PR card anyway.

If you require your PR card urgently, there are ways to expedite the PR card processing times. For example, if you need to travel abroad right away, we may be able to help you get your PR card faster. Contact one of our licensed immigration lawyers using the form on the right as soon as possible!

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