How to Renew Your PR Card in Edmonton

Permanent residents of Canada must renew their permanent resident cards (PR cards) every five years, as they expire at this time. The PR card renewal process is relatively straightforward, but if you do not follow the proper procedure or something is wrong with your application, you may find your permanent resident status in Canada to be at risk.

How to renew your permanent resident card

1. Fill out the application forms for renewing a permanent resident card in Canada. Ensure you have read and understand all of the instructions for the application. ??2. Gather all of the supporting documents that are noted on the application’s document checklist, and include them in your application package. Some of these documents may have certain specifications (like passport photographs), so make sure you have followed all of the instructions.??3. You must pay the processing fee online or at a financial institution and include the receipt of payment in your application package.??4. Contact a licensed immigration lawyer and have them review your application for your permanent resident card renewal and your supporting documents. ??5. Mail your application package and await notice from Citizenship and Immigration Canada that you can go and pick up your new card.??The process is not overly complicated, but there can be serious problems along the way that could put your permanent resident card renewal application in trouble. For example, if you are outside of Canada when your card expires, you need to obtain a travel document to return home and renew it – you cannot renew it outside of Canada. More seriously, if you have not met the residency requirement, you will not be eligible for a new permanent resident card.

But if you do run into the above problems, a licensed immigration lawyer can help. Contact us at the phone number above!

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