How to Renew Your Permanent Resident Card In Edmonton

Your permanent resident card is an important document that you must keep handy at all times. It serves as proof that you have permanent resident status in Canada, and that you are legally allowed to live and work in Canada as well as come back and re-enter Canada after having been traveling abroad. The permanent resident card, or PR card, does expire after a certain amount of time – five years. Once this happens, you need to renew it. However, it is more beneficial if you take the time to renew it just over three months before the expiry date so that you will get your new one in time. 

Procedure for renewing a Permanent Resident Card in Edmonton

Renewing a permanent resident card can be done by following these steps:

1. Obtain and fill out the Application for a Permanent Resident Card. You cannot leave any blank spaces, so if something does not apply to you or your situation ensure that you write “not applicable” in that space. ??2. Gather your supporting documents as required by the document checklist included with the application, and make sure these documents meet the specifications required by the checklist.

3. Pay the fee for the processing of your application, and retain the receipt. ??4. Compile your application package, including your supporting documents, your payment receipt and your application form.
5. Have your application package reviewed by a licensed immigration lawyer with experience in permanent resident card matters so that your application is flawless and ready to be processed. ??6. Mail your application.??7. Wait for notification on where to pick up your renewal card from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. When you receive it, you have 180 days to pick up your new card.

Permanent Resident Card lawyers serving Edmonton

We are an award-winning immigration law firm that has been in business for over 15 years and has helped countless permanent residents in Canada with their permanent resident card needs.

If you need to renew your card but are having difficulty, do not understand what’s required of you, are concerned about meeting the residency requirement or need help in any way with your permanent resident card renewal application, we are available to help you make sure your application package is complete and you are eligible to renew your card – and if you’re not eligible, we will look into all of your options. Call us at the above phone number as soon as you notice your permanent resident card will be expiring soon.

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