How to Fill out Immigration Forms

When you apply to immigrate to Canada or the United States, it’s easy to make a mistake when you’re filling out your forms. It happens a lot, and this is a common reason applications are returned without processing. And once your application’s been processed and denied, these mistakes become very difficult to fix. 

The best piece of advice we can offer you when you are filling out immigration forms is to go into the application process prepared and with expert guidance from a licensed immigration lawyer. We are here to work on your behalf, and we want to see you succeed.

Just like you would hire a real estate agent when you invest in a house or piece of property, when you consult with an immigration lawyer you’re setting your application up for the best chance of success. You’re ensuring you won’t be making any mistakes and that your forms will be filled out exactly to the specifications set out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada – essentially, investing in your future and the future of your family.

What else should I know about filling out immigration forms?

Do you know that a large number of immigration or visa applications in Canada and the United States are denied every single year because someone made a mistake on their form or forgot to include a piece of paper?

This usually occurs when visa or immigration applicants attempt to go through the immigration process alone. There is a lot of paperwork involved, and the paperwork must be completed properly. Unfortunately, many cheap and “fast” visa kits are available online. These kits can be a big mistake when it comes to a very important application process. Consulting with a professional when it comes to such an important even in your life can mean the difference between approval or denial. If you do intend to download one of these kits, you and your application will still benefit immensely when you supplement it with professional advice.

Remember, this may be your first visa application – but we’ve handled thousands successfully and can be the difference between your application’s approval or denial. Give us a call today at the number on the top of this page!

55 How to fill Canadian Immigration Forms

Immigrating to Canada is not so simple as filling out some forms, paying a fee and hoping for the best, despite what many people would have you believe. It is a complex process that you must go into with knowledge and preparedness. This is because a mistake, omission or forgotten piece of documentation can cause your application be to be denied, which can also have an effect on any subsequent applications you decide to make.

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