How long should I wait to renew my PR card?

Permanent resident cards, or PR cards, must be renewed every five years in order for permanent residents in Canada to maintain their permanent resident status. The recommendation used to be that permanent resident cards should be renewed – meaning the application to renew them should be submitted – about two months before the expiry date. However, longer processing times have led to this no longer being the case. Renew Canadian Permanent Resident Card

So, how long in advance should you submit your application to renew your permanent resident card?

Permanent resident card renewal processing times in Canada

As of February 6th, 2013, it takes about 89 calendar days to process a permanent resident card renewal application, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This timeline also applies to replacement cards and initial permanent resident cards. New permanent resident card applications are processed in about 54 days.

One important thing to note is that these times only apply to the applications that have been submitted to citizenship and immigration Canada that are ready to be processed – meaning, there are no issues with the application like mistakes or missing information. If there is an issue with the application, the processing can be delayed significantly or the application could even be denied. You must also have met the residency requirement (living in Canada physically for two years out of every five) while also meeting all of the other requirements that are in place for permanent residents of Canada.

Please contact our immigration law firm to confirm that your immigration application to renew your permanent resident card is ready to be processed. In addition, we can also assist you if you need your renewed permanent resident card fast-tracked.

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