Five Ways To Look Into An Immigration Lawyer

There are many different kinds of immigration representatives available to assist you with your immigration needs in Edmonton or anywhere else in Canada. These immigration representatives include immigration consultants and licensed immigration lawyers. As with any type of business, there are bad representatives and there are great representatives. Because immigration is such a life-changing opportunity, you will want to put in a bit of effort to make sure you only hire a great immigration lawyer for your case or application. How to Research an Immigration Lawyer

Ways of finding a good immigration lawyer

Tip 1: Google them. Thanks to the internet and Google, it is no longer easy to hide or get away from a bad reputation in any business. If you want to find unbiased reviews for any service, simply Google them. Google has a built in review system under Google places, and you will also bring up other review sites such as Yelp.

Tip 2: Call them. A quick phone call to the law firm will give you a good indication of how you will be treated. The person answering the phone should be courteous and friendly, and should be able to answer questions that you have.

Tip 3: Read their website. The best websites are websites that provide you with quality information – for free. If you go to an immigration lawyers website and don’t see much more than a phone number, they are not as willing to help you learn and understand the immigration process before taking your money. Peruse the website and look at what kind of articles and information they offer.

Tip 4: Check out their blog. A blog serves similar purposes to a website, but is updated frequently and sometimes even daily. Is your immigration law firm up-to-date on the latest Canadian visa news, laws and updates?

Tip 5: Ask for references or testimonials. Most immigration lawyers who have a large number of satisfied clients will have thank-you letters you can read or testimonials on their website. You can also ask your friends, family members or co-workers who have dealt with the immigration system about their experiences.

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