Five United States Work Permits

Canadian citizens are applying for United States work visas in record numbers. Luckily, there are many different types of United States work visas that are available for Canadian citizens, and each one of these US work visas is best suited for a different purpose. If you want to work in the United States, it’s more than likely there is a United States work visa or permit available for your situation. Types of United States Work Visas

What types of United States work visas are there?

E2 Work Visa: Someone can obtain this United States work visa when they invest in the United States. Unlike investing in something like buying a house, the investment has to be made in an active business.

L1 Work Visa: This visa is for employees of foreign companies who are opening up a new office in the United States or who are being transferred to an existing office in the United States.

TN Work Visa: This visa is only for Canadian citizens or citizens of Mexico. It is a popular visa option because you can apply for it at the border and avoid wait times like you would experience when applying for other visas by mail. Applicants must have a job offer in the United States, and the type of job offered must fall under a certain category.

H1B Work Visa: This visa for applicants who have a job offer in the United States in a “specialty” occupation, which is an occupation that requires a high level of skill and education. The procedure for obtaining this visa is very specific.

H2B Work Visa: This visa is similar to the H1B work visa, but is for skilled and unskilled nonagricultural workers. These workers must also have a job offer in the United States, and the work is typically seasonal or very temporary.

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