Five Steps To Make Your Immigration Application Stand Out

While immigration applications aren’t the only component involved in applying to immigrate to Canada, but they are a very important component of the whole process. For example, if there is anything wrong with your immigration application, you have made a mistake or you have left something out, this can cause serious problems with your application and even result in its denial.  Make Your Immigration Application Stand Out

Tips for filling our your immigration application properly

Tip 1: No blank spaces. Whenever you fill out an immigration application, make sure that you have not left any blank spaces in the entire document. A blank space tells the visa officer processing your application that you have missed something, and therefore your application may not be processed. If you must leave a space blank, write “Not applicable” in that space.
Tip 2: No missing documents. There are a series of many different documents that need to be included in your application, and most immigration applications in Canada are accompanied by a document checklist, which tells you what you need to enclose with your application package and how these documents need to be formatted. If for some reason you cannot include something, write a short cover letter for your application that explains this.
Tip 3: Write clearly and legibly. Remember that someone else, namely a Canadian visa officer, must be able to read and understand your immigration application as you’ve written it. They must be able to understand your application well enough that they can make a determination as to whether to approve or decline your application. Make sure you write clearly and even type if you are able to.
Tip 4: Photocopy everything. Do not submit your immigration application without having made photocopies of every individual component of the application, including the courier slip you used to submit it to the immigration department.
Tip 5: Talk to a licensed immigration lawyer. If you do not understand something, you have concerns about your immigration application or you feel that you would like a second and expert opinion on your immigration application, please contact us. We can help you!

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