Five Questions You Can Ask Any Immigration Lawyer

When you are done researching several immigration lawyers to find out which one is the best immigration lawyer in Edmonton, you may meet with them to determine how right they are for you and your specific immigration case or application. You may meet with them for a consultation or an assessment of your case, at which point you can ask them questions about their services. Questions to Ask an immigration lawyer

Knowing the best questions to ask an immigration lawyer in advance will help you properly prepare for your meeting.

Questions to ask an immigration lawyer

Question 1: Do you have any references? Lawyers who have been in business for a while should have many happy former clients. While they can’t put you in direct contact with them for confidentiality reasons, they will likely have many thank you letters or testimonials for you to look through.

Question 2: How do you think my case will turn out? An immigration lawyer should be able to use their experience with the immigration system and their knowledge of your case to determine the most likely outcome. However, they should never guarantee that your case will have a positive outcome.

Question 3: What are your fees? An immigration lawyer does not need to be defensive or vague about what they charge, and you should know in advance what their services will cost without facing any surprises. An immigration lawyer should be able to lay out their fees for you in advance.

Question 4: Who will be my lawyer? You may not realize that the lawyer you see in advertisements or whose name is on the title of the law firm might not be the actual lawyer representing you. You should ask whether whoever is representing you has the experience needed.

Question 5: When will you contact me? It can be frustrating to feel as if you have been left in the dark about something that affects you so much. Ask the lawyer how frequently and how they will be contacting you to keep you updated.

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