Filling in Immigration Forms: How to

When you are applying to immigrate to the United States or Canada, there’s one simple phrase you need to remember at all times:

Mistakes are easy to make, but not easy to fix.

Immigration to a new country or a visa application is not just about filling out some forms, paying a fee, dropping it in the mail box and hoping for the best. It is a complex procedure that deserves close attention and benefits from professional expertise.

When you are filling our your immigration forms, it’s important to make sure the forms are filled out properly as per any instructions, that you haven’t missed a single piece of supporting documentation, that you’ve understood all of the instructions for your particular application and finally, that you have a licensed immigration lawyer review it for you.

What about Immigration Application Kits, or Visa Kits?

One thing we must warn about is online application forms or immigration kits. Free information is everywhere, that’s the beauty of the Internet! But the reality is anyone can write what they want and present themselves as an expert on a subject despite not having the right credentials.

We worry about people who use immigration kits – they’re meant to be a cheap, “easy” option for prospective immigrants or visa applicants in Canada and the United States, but the likelihood of you making a mistake or forgetting something is still very high. You may not even know if it’s a legit kit or even the right one!

We hire professionals to help us in all aspects of our lives, like accountants for our financials and real estate agents when we want to buy a home. The reason is that they are experts, and they know what they’re doing. They act as a guide through the process, a catch-all to avoid any unforeseen mistakes or omissions. That’s what we do, except for the immigration process. Call us at the number above to make sure your immigration or visa application is perfect.

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