Employers Charged For Taking Advantage Of Temporary Foreign Workers

Three different employers in Edmonton were charged late January for paying temporary foreign workers less than promised at a job not authorized on their work permits, while threatening them with deportation if they complained to government officials about the discrepancies. Immigration Fraud

The two temporary foreign workers, originally from the Philippines, came to Edmonton under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to work in a coffee shop. But when they arrived, they were told that the jobs they had arranged at the coffee shop weren’t available anymore and so then they would work at an ice cream shop while earning less money.

Around the same time the men rightfully took their concerns to the police, they were fired. After police involvement, the Canadian immigration department helped the two men find other jobs in the province.

Exploitation of temporary foreign workers leads to charges

The owners of the coffee shop and the owners of the ice cream shop were charged with counseling misrepresentation and unauthorized employment of a foreign national, and both shops remain open.

Workers should not have to fear deportation if they are being exploited, and can speak to the police or an immigration lawyer for help with their situation. This kind of situation is rare, though, an many temporary foreign workers come to Canada every year in order to make a better life for themselves and their families back home.


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