Edmonton Border Immigration Lawyer

About 300,000 folks cross the US-Canada border each day, sadly not all of them are able to get through with ease. Heightened security and data sharing has caused to each country to be strict regarding who is let in and who is denied entry.Border Immigration Lawyer

If you’re somebody who will be traveling across the US-Canada border for a vacation, for work or to see your family, being denied entry isn’t only frustrating, it may also be costly devastating if you miss out on something really important.

Border Immigration Lawyers in Edmonton

If you have got a visa issue, a health issue, a criminal history or other issue you will face being denied entry to Canada or denied entry to the United States after you attempt to cross the US-Canada border. If you worry you’ll have issues crossing the border or if you are currently experiencing border crossing issues, please contact our immigration law office for help.

Border crossing problems aren’t uncommon, and might stem from various things. For instance, a drug possession charge from decades past will render you unable to enter the United States and Canada, as will previous immigration problems or medical problems. Luckily, a number of these problems have special procedures available for you to overcome or perhaps fully eliminate your inadmissibility to both countries, but this needs to be taken care of well in advance of your travel.

If you are worried regarding your ability to cross the United States-Canada border, please contact our immigration law office for help. We’ve assisted many citizens in visiting every others’ countries, and we can help you as well.

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