Do Permanent Residents need a visa to go to the US?

Over 300,000 different people cross the border between the United States and Canada every single day! In fact, the majority of these travelers are people going from Canada to the United States, usually just to visit on a temporary basis. US visitor visa

If you are a Canadian Citizen, you must meet the criteria to be admissible to the United States as well as hold a valid Canadian passport if you want to visit the United States. You will also have to go through customs and you may have to answer several questions from the border officers, but generally that is about it.

However, if you are a permanent resident of Canada the process is a bit different for you. You may even need to apply for a visa.

Which permanent residents need a visitor visa to go to the United States?

Requiring a visitor visa to enter the United States is not determined by your permanent residence in Canada, but rather, your country of citizenship. As a permanent resident of Canada you are not a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport, and you will still have the passport from your native country where you hold citizenship. It is this country that you must consider when determining if you need a visa or not to enter the United States.

There are countries that are visa-exempt to the United States, meaning that their citizens do not require a visa to enter the United States. Canada is an example of one of these countries.

Then, there are countries that are not visa exempt, meaning that their citizens are required to obtain a visitor visa if they want to enter the country, even if just for a short vacation.

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