Do I Need a Work Visa for business meetings in Edmonton?

If you need to visit Edmonton to conduct business and are not from a visa-exempt country, speak to a licensed immigration lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that you are eligible to obtain a business visitor visa for Canada so that your trip is not delayed. 

Qualifying for a business visitor visa for Edmonton

There are two requirements you must meet in order to obtain a business visitor visa. These requirements are:

1. You must not be inadmissible to canada for criminal reasons or medical reasons to Canada. This could cause you to be denied for a business visitor visa and denied entry to Canada at all.

2. You must work full-time and obtain most of your income from an employer outside of Canada.

Please note that a business visitor visa and a work permit are two very different things. If you will be working in Canada, you will need a work visa or a work permit. But when you are visiting Canada for business reasons, a business visitor visa should suffice.

Activities that can be conducted on a business visitor visa include buying goods, attending conventions, attending different types of training or conducting site visits .

When you apply for a business visitor visa, you’ll need to:

1. Show that you have no intentions of overstaying your visa and remaining in Canada after it expires by providing evidence of your ties to your home country, like family.

2. Describe in detail your itinerary in Canada from entry to exit.

3. Provide proof from your employer and the organization that invited you to Canada that you will only be engaging in business visitor visa activities and will not do anything that would require a work visa.

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