Changing the address on your permanent resident card while in process

Moving to a new address is a fact of life, and many people eventually need to change the address on their government identification periodically. But what do you do when your permanent resident application is in process, and you move? Can you just leave it? Change Your Immigration Application Address

No! You must change your address with Citizenship and Immigration Canada within three weeks of your moving date. While Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires that you do notify them of a change of address, you need to do it so that you do not miss out on any important documentation that they could be sending your way.

Changing your address while your Canadian immigration application is in process

You can use the online system on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website to change your address if you are eligible to use it. To be eligible, you need to ensure that you have not been requested to change your address in person, that you are moving within three weeks, that your address is in Canada and that your case is being processed in Canada.

If this is the case, you can gather up the necessary documents – you may need information that is found on your application, your financial receipts for the application’s processing fee and any other documents that have been mailed to you from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

You can then use the online system to change your address.

If you are outside of Canada, you’ll have to contact the visa office that will be processing your application.

Remember, a mistake on any of your application forms can result in a significant processing delay. If you are having trouble with any of your application forms when immigrating to Canada, please contact our immigration law firm for assistance.

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