My Canadian PR Status has Expired Can it be Renewed in Edmonton?

Since 2002, permanent residents in Canada have been provided with a permanent resident card, or PR card. If you are a Canadian permanent resident and you do not have a permanent resident card, you need to get one! Please contact one of our licensed immigration lawyers as soon as possible for help obtaining a permanent resident card in Canada. 

Renewing your PR card in Canada

Your proof of permanent resident status in Canada, your permanent resident card, expires every five years. Once it expires you will need to renew it, however we recommend making an application to renew your permanent resident card at least two to three months before your permanent resident card expires so you will have a valid permanent resident card at all times.

In order to renew your permanent resident card in Canada, you will need to do the following:

1. Complete an application for a Permanent Resident Card. Please ensure you don’t make any mistakes or omissions on this application, as that can cause it to be rejected or delayed.

2. Gather all of the supporting documentation for your Permanent Resident Card application, including the Supplementary Identification Form. These important documents include a photocopy of your primary identity document, a photocopy of two secondary identity documents, proof of your residency in Canada and two photos that meet the specifications for your permanent residence card.

3. Pay the fee and include the receipt in your application for your permanent resident card.

4. Have a licensed immigration lawyer look over your application package to ensure everything is completed properly and to avoid your application being denied because of an error.

5. Submit your application to the Case Processing Centre in Nova Scotia.

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