If You Want To Study in Canada, You Might Need a Study Permit

More than 130,000 students from around the world come to Canada to study, while many more visit Canada for English or French lessons.  Generally, each student will have to get a Canadian study permit which will allow them to attend a Canadian educational institution.

The study permit application needs to be completed properly, otherwise your case may be rejected by Canadian immigration officials.  That’s why thousands of students enlist our immigration attorneys at Niren & Associates to properly fill out and submit their study permit applications.  We have over 14 years experience, and we know what needs to happen for an application to be successful.

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I want to thank you for all you did for me and your prompt response to facilitate and expedite the study permit that I needed. The border agents were very nice and gave me the study permit easily. They only used the cover letter you prepared and did not ask me to submit any other paperwork.  – H.T.

First, Satisfy the Canadian Study Permit Requirements

To qualify for a Canadian study permit, you will need:

  • a written offer of acceptance from a qualified Canadian educational institution.
  • to prove that you have enough money to afford the school’s tuition as well as for your general living expenses during your course of study up to one year
  • a visitor visa, if applicable
  • to take medical exam, if required

Working While on a Study Permit

While in Canada on a study permit, it is possible to legally work.  However, only under these limited circumstances such as:

  • When your employment is on-campus;
  • When the international student is the recipient of a scholarship;
  • When the work has been certified as being an integral part of the program of study;
  • When the work consists of academic research or a post-doctoral fellowship; and
  • When the work takes place after graduation in a field related to the program of study.
  • In addition, spouses of international students are eligible to work temporarily in Canada.

Study Permit Exemptions

You do not require a Study Permit when:

  • You take a French or English language training course that is no more than three months in duration; or
  • You are the spouse or dependent child of a diplomatic or consular officer, a representative of a foreign country, or a representative of the United Nations or any other intergovernmental organization of which Canada is a member.

Our Edmonton Attorneys’ Legal Expertise Helps Students Reach Their Goals

Getting a study permit is a significant step towards your education at a Canadian institution, but there are lots of other factors to consider, such as where you will live in Canada, and the courses themselves.  At Niren and Associates, our team of qualified attorneys can assist in the preparation and submission of your applications for visitor visas and study permits, increasing your chances for acceptance into Canada.

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