Looking for Temporary Residence Visa in Canada?

People from around the world come to Canada temporarily for a host of reasons:  to work, to study, or just to visit.  Depending on your home country and your purpose in travelling to Canada, your immigration application needs to be properly completed or you run the risk of having your request refused by Canadian immigration officers.

Niren & Associates has helped prepare thousands of Canadian temporary residence applications that have been approved, and can help you, too.

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Your Opportunities for Temporary Residence Visa in Canada

Visitors to Canada have three options:

  • Visitor Visa:   All visitors to Canada require this Visa, other than citizens of a visa exempt country
  • Study Permit:   If you want to attend school in Canada, then you’ll probably need a study permit.
  • Work Permit:    If you want to work while temporarily living in Canada, usually a work permit is required.

Temporary Residence Visa in Canada is Easier to Achieve with Help from Legal Professionals

Our immigration lawyers have experience helping individuals from across the globe to temporarily come to Canada to work, study or simply visit.  With over 30 years combined experience in Canadian immigration, we know exactly what is required to get your application approved.

We guide you through all the steps you will be taking, such as:

  • convincing an immigration officer that you will only stay temporarily in Canada
  • demonstrating that you have ties to your home country
  • demonstrating that you have the funds to support yourself while in Canada

If You Want help Getting Accepted into Canada, our Immigration Lawyers for Edmonton Can Help

Instead of stressing over properly filling out the applications for visiting Canada, why not leave the paperwork to our experienced attorneys?  We will also provide crucial advice in case you are called for an interview with an immigration officer.

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