Want to Stay in Canada? Consider Canadian Experience Class

If you are a temporary student or worker currently living in Canada, you may qualify to apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class program.  Because you have spent time in Canada and contributed to Canadian society, your credentials will assist in your eligibility for permanent residence.

If you do qualify for the Canadian Experience Class, it is still necessary to make sure that your documents and history in Canada are properly organized in order to have your immigration case approved.  You will also need to ensure that the CEC application package is correctly prepared and submitted to the right immigration office.  This is why getting help from an immigration law firm is crucial when you apply for the Canadian Experience Class.  At Niren & Associates, our immigration legal team has over 30 years combined experience in helping people successfully live in Canada permanently.

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I just wanted thank Niren & Associates for helping me to obtain permanent residence.  They advised me on exactly what I needed, they gave me a synopsis of the process and they were adamant on what information I had to supply before they would submit my application. I could have never had done it on my own. – Shannon E.

Find Out If the Canadian Experience Class is For You

You will qualify to apply for the program if you are either:

An international student with

  1. At least two years post secondary education in Canada and
  2. One year full–time Canadian skilled work experience in a specific job category and
  3. Language proficiency (English or French) needed for occupation.


temporary foreign worker with

  1. At least two years of recent [in the last 3 years] full-time Canadian skilled work experience in specific job categories and
  2. Language proficiency (English or French) needed for occupation.

Applicants can remain in Canada throughout the application process, or apply from elsewhere within one year of leaving their job in Canada.

Our Edmonton Immigration Lawyers Help You with Canadian Permanent Residence

At Niren & Associates, we assist clients with a wide variety of immigration needs, but since applicants for Canadian Experience Class have already jumped the first hurdle, chances for approval are even greater.  If an applicant fulfills the requirements listed above, has legally come to Canada to work or study, has valid temporary status in Canada when applying, and has moderate official language proficiency, then the last step would be to have us prepare the application for submission.

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