We Can Help You Get Permanent Residence in Canada

Moving to Canada offers many rewards, and presents many challenges.  Depending on your reasons for making Canada your new home, such as work or business opportunities or to live near family, you need to determine which path of immigration you should take to successfully enter the country, and how to properly complete and submit your application.

Instead of tackling the difficult legal steps by yourself, you’ll save a lot of time and headaches when you get professional assistance from an experienced immigration law firm.  Niren & Associates has over 14 years experience helping individuals through the often complicated process of obtaining Canadian permanent residence.

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You Have Options When Seeking Canadian Permanent Residence

When immigrating to Canada, there are different legal means through which you can apply.  To get permanent residence status in Canada, you would need to qualify for one these immigration categories:

Canada’s “Green Card”

As a permanent resident, you are issued an immigrant visa called a Record of Landing by the Canadian government that allows you to live, work and study in Canada on a permanent basis. A Record of Landing will have an expiry date which means that you must actually enter Canada before the visa expires otherwise you will lose your right to enter Canada as a permanent resident and you will have to apply all over again!

There is no such thing as a “Canadian Green Card”.  Rather, we call it a Permanent Resident Card but it essentially serves the same purpose as a US Green Card.

Canadian Permanent Residence is Much Easier to Attain With Professional Help from our Edmonton Attorneys

With so many people interested in moving permanently to Canada, those people who want to make sure that the application process is executed properly choose our immigration firm for our expertise.  Our experienced lawyers take your unique immigration needs into consideration and determine the best options for you, while helping you each step of the way.

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