If You’ve Been Denied Entry Into Canada, Let Us Help

If you have a criminal record or certain medical problems, it is possible that you will be denied entry into Canada.  However, in the event that you are denied entry to Canada, there is still a possibility that you could be admitted to the country.

Niren & Associates’ immigration lawyers have more than 14 years experience in providing alternatives to people who have been refused entry into Canada.  With each unique case, we will assess if you meet the requirements to overcome the denial.

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I had been earlier refused entry and I was in a really tight spot. Your team did a fantastic job of quickly putting together my documents. Thanks to your expert assistance and attention, I felt more confident on my attempt to cross the border. – Dennis A.

Opportunities to Overcome being Denied Entry to Canada

When it comes to admitting individuals with a criminal past into the country, Canadian immigration policy is very careful.  Minor criminal offenses, or criminal acts that occurred many years ago, will still affect the decision to admit an individual.  Fortunately, there are two options for overcoming a refusal of entry.

Temporary Resident Permit

The Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) is issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada allowing someone who has been deemed inadmissible due to a criminal record or a medical condition to enter Canada.

Criminal Rehabilitation

In certain cases, if your conviction occurred 5 years ago or longer, you may be eligible to make an application for Criminal Rehabilitation to enter Canada. A Criminal Rehabilitation application, if approved, will wipe out your criminal inadmissibility that prevents you from entering Canada.

How to Apply

With both options, citizens of the US or other visa exempt countries can apply for the TRP or Criminal Rehabilitation when at the Canada/US Border or Port of Entry, such as a land border or airport.  If approved, the TRP or Criminal Rehabilitation status will be granted right away at the border.  Otherwise, you can submit applications to a Canadian Consulate or Canadian Embassy.

When Denied Entry to Canada, People Enlist Our Edmonton Immigration Firm to Provide Help

We know that being denied entry to Canada can be a stressful and embarrassing situation, so we work hard to consider your options to get you admitted.  We have years of experience assisting people to get Criminal Rehabilitation and Temporary Resident Permits.  Instead of fixing the issues on your own, let us take care of the legal aspects.

There are risks involved in applying for Temporary Resident Permits, such as:

  • refusal at the border or airport means you’ll be turned away
  • long waiting times for applications submitted to a Canadian consulate
“Thanks for helping me with the TRP and application for Rehabilitation.  I had a short window to get this application submitted and TRP application in hand before my trip and you got it done. I really appreciated the convenience and speed with which this was all accomplished. ” – M. V. A.