Canadian Government Makes Immigration Easier

Canada flagThe Canadian government is making it easier for companies with an unblemished two-year history of hiring temporary workers to apply for fast-tracked hiring permission. The aim of the program is to fast track the hiring of foreign workers which the government says will lower wages and make the industries better able to compete and turn a profit, The Edmonton Journal reported.

 “Employers with a strong track record in need of high-skilled workers will be able to obtain a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) within 10 business days,” Finley said. “Even better news, this is effective immediately.”


Getting the break on wages is a key factor to business owners, whose companies are sometime having to pay wages 15% higher than those paid to Canadians. Foreign workers make more money for their skilled trades because there is not enough competition for these jobs, so in order to get foreign workers to come to Canada the wages have to be 15% more than the wages paid to Canadians.

The good news for foreign workers, and the companies looking to hire them is that the process has been sped up.  If all the requirements are met by the company it could take as little as 10 days for the temporary work visa to go through. In addition to this benefit, the program is effective immediately, so those looking to immigrate to Canada will have the option to do it in a quick and easy way.

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Federal government making it easier to hire temporary foreign workers Edmonton Journal

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