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The Globe and Mail reported Friday that immigration policies in Canada have to change in order to attract the best and brightest immigrants.

People with options are less and less likely to tolerate hidebound and cumbersome immigration process, waiting as long as eight years to have their applications processed. If you are ambitious, if you are skilled, if you are entrepreneurial, if you are educated, if you are impatient for success, you will look elsewhere. Increasingly, elsewhere is looking better.


Places like China, India and Brazil are using tax breaks to bring back educated children of immigrants in order to help booster their economies, and put in place the people they need to continue to watch their economies grow.


 To ensure Canada remains attractive to the sharpest minds, the keenest entrepreneurs and greatest innovators, the country must move beyond an inefficient selection system and long waits. Why should people put their careers on hold, in order to come to Canada? “International competition is starting to heat up for the best immigrants, the people who will drive the economy,” notes Arthur Sweetman, an economist at McMaster University.


If you are thinking about making Canada your home, now is the time to start the immigration process. Canada will have a projected shortfall of a million jobs by the year 2021, and the Canadian government is overhauling the immigration process, in order to ensure that those jobs will be filled, making it an easier and faster process.

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Canada must actively recruit the best and brightest immigrants Globe and Mail

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