Can You Get Into Canada With a DUI on Your Record

One of the most common questions we are asked at your immigration law firm is whether you can get into Canada if you have a DUI (driving under the influence) conviction on your criminal record.

The answer is not black and white, but chances are it is extremely likely that you will be denied entry to Canada if you have a DUI on your criminal record. While not all criminal convictions will result in your being denied entry to Canada, Canada will take a DUI charge very seriously.

If you are not able to enter Canada because of your DUI, you are considered inadmissible to Canada. If you were to try to enter Canada while being inadmissible to Canada, you will be turned away at the US-Canada border or at the Canadian port of entry, like a Canadian airport.

There are four main options for entering Canada despite a criminal record:

1. You may consider deemed rehabilitation, which depends on a number of factors including the crime you have been convicted of, how much time has passed since you finished your sentence for the crime, and how many crimes you have committed.

2. You may apply for individual rehabilitation, which proves to the Canadian government you are more stable and will not commit any more crimes. You may be eligible to do so if your crime occurred more than five years ago, but it can take as long as one year to process this application.

3. You may apply for a pardon or discharge from the government of Canada for your crime.

4. You may apply for a temporary resident permit, which is an idea option if it has been less than five years since your criminal conviction or you have to enter Canada because of an emergency.

Remember, not all of these options will be applicable to your personal situation or your criminal record for DWI. It is highly advisable that you consult with a licensed immigration attorney when determining your best option to overcome your criminal inadmissibility and enter Canada. Many of the applications for the options above are denied every year, and enter in a country despite your criminal inadmissibility is a very serious matter. We are here to help! Call us at the phone number above or by using the contact form on the right.

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