Can Canadians Do Business in the USA?

Canadian citizens are definitely able to do business in the United States. In fact, Canadians cross the border into the US every day to attend important business meetings, attend conferences, attend conventions and do all sorts of other different things that are related to conducting business in a global economy.

But Canadians may need a special type of visitor visa to be allowed into the United States in order to conduct these activities. This visitor visa is called the B1 business visitor visa. As a special type of visitor visa, the B1 business visitor visa should not be confused with a United States work permit. Can Canadians Do Business in The United States

Attending a business meeting in the United States on a B1 visa

The B1 visa can be applied for as you enter the United States from Canada on your way to your business activity. However, before you will be approved for one of these special visitor visas you must meet the requirements. The three main requirements for obtaining a B1 business visitor visa are that you are eligible to enter the United States (a criminal record in Canada can hamper your eligibility), that you are conducting legitimate B1 business visa activities (on behalf of a foreign company and that you will not be working in the United States for a US employer) and that you can prove you will leave the United States when you are finished.

It can sometimes be hard to discern what is a B1 business visitor visa activity and what is a work visa or work permit activity. It is very important that you know the difference and know which of these types of visas you require before you go, as you can be denied at the border if the customs and border officials are not satisfied with your answers.

We can help you determine what kind of United States visa you need and help you apply. Contact us as soon as you know you need to travel.

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