Can a Canadian Get a US Business Visa?

There are several options for Canadians who want to work in the US, including the US B-1 Business Visa. The B-1 Business visa allows Canadians to conduct business in the United States as long as they stick to certain activities. These activities would include but are not limited to: US Work Visa

  • Purchase property in the US
  • Investigate business opportunities
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Attend business conferences and conventions
  • Consult with associates
  • Attend business meetings

There are also additional activities you can engage in on a B-1 Business visa (including sales, marketing, distribution, transport or research and development), but you cannot work directly for a US employer or be paid by a US employer.

Which Business Visa is right for me?

If you expect to engage in other business activities or earn money from a US employer while in the United States, you will need another type of work permit other than a B-1 Visa. If you are a Canadian Citizen, a TN work visa is a fast track US work visa for Canadians and you can apply for one at the US port of entry or US-Canada border.

If you don’t intend to work in the United States just yet but want to buy a business, transfer over to a US business or invest in the United States, there are L Visas and E Visas that might be better suited to your situation.

Regardless of your work history or future goals, there is likely a US work visa that is right for you. Contact our immigration law firm to speak to a licensed immigration lawyer who can help guide you through the US work visa or US work permit process – you’ll be glad you did!

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