Business Visitor Visa For Business Meetings in Edmonton

If you are a foreign national who must travel to Edmonton for a business meeting, you could be required to obtain a Canadian business visitor visa. These visas are for people who will be conducting international business in Canada, but not for someone who is working in Canada or just visiting in Canada. If you have an upcoming business trip in Edmonton or anywhere else in Canada, read on to learn more about the business visitor visa. 

Obtain a business visitor visa for Edmonton

Not everyone requires a business visitor visa when they need to travel to Canada for a business meeting, but many people do. Applying for a business visitor visa is not easy, as there are a number of qualifications you need to meet and things you must submit to Canadian immigration officials.

For example, to qualify for a business visitor visa you need to show that you are fully admissible to Canada and that you work full-time for a foreign business. You must be in Canada engaging in permissible business visitor visa activities on behalf of this business, including buying goods in Canada, dealing with an after-sales agreement, attending product and sales training or attending a business meeting.

When you apply for your business visitor visa, you need to prove to the Canadian immigration officials that you will return to your home country after your trip. You can do this by demonstrating your strong ties to your home country in the form of bank records, credit information, information about your family and information about property you own.

Canadian business visitor visa lawyers in Edmonton

Do you have a business meeting in Edmonton or anywhere else in Canada that you need to attend? Contact our immigration law firm at the above phone number to determine if you require a business visitor visa to Canada and whether you are eligible for one. Remember, obtaining any kind of visa, even a temporary visa such as a business visitor visa, is not easy and there are a lot of different requirements you must meet before you will be given one. We have over 15 years experience in assisting people coming to Canada for different reasons, including on international business. We are available to help you and provide any answers you are looking for at the above phone number.

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