Can You Return to Canada After Being Deported From Edmonton in 2012?

Being deported from Canada is a very serious matter. A very common question from people who are facing deportation, people who have been deported from Canada and even people who are just curious is, “Can I return to Canada after being deported?” deported from Canada

The short answer is no. According to the Canada Border Services Agency, “A person who has been removed as a result of a deportation order is permanently barred from returning to Canada. Such people may never return…”

BUT did you know there are many different types of removal orders?

While a person who has been deported from Canada cannot return ever, there is one exception – if they have written permission from the Canada Border Services Agency, they could return.

In addition, there are two other types of removal orders for Canada:

An Exclusion Order bars the person under this particular type of removal order from returning to Canada for a year, or two years if the Exclusion Order is for misrepresentation. If the person obtains written permission from the Canada Border Services Agency, they may be able to return to Canada sooner.

A Departure Order is for less serious violations and mandates the person under the removal order leaves Canada within 30 days.

People under all types of removal orders are also able to apply for refugee status, which could delay the removal order until the refugee claim is decided.

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